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The Time Traveler's Pocket Guide


The Time Traveler's Pocket Guide contains everything you need to know before you get in your time machine - if you don't care much about scientific or historical accuracy, that is. This humorous book contains practical advice, helpful charts, a set of emergency muttonchops, and twenty-one pages of illustrations. Nowhere else will you get vital information such as "the time travelers' secret handshake," "bad reasons to use time travel," and "what to do if you meet yourself". A must-have for all aspiring Time Lords and Ladies!

The Time Traveler's Pocket Guide marks the book debut of illustrator and graphic designer K. Sekelsky. A resident of western Pennsylvania, Sekelsky has been involved in the world of web and independent comics for nearly a decade.
Other contributors to the book include M. Bennardo, Jeff Huber, and Sanjay Kulkarni.

For more information, visit The Time Travel Bureau's official site at www.timetravelbureau.com